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The metamorphosis of Human Hard Disks and Tech Gadgets: An encounter on Life in Reality

Human Hard DiscLife is not always the same, as we think it is, in our young age.  Carrying the books to the school was a great challenge, and reading them was even more, especially the school subjects. The books were given to educate us, but our minds were flying around looking for entertainment, and there are few even more with the hybrid thoughts, who know, it would be of the freaking moments in life, where the father earns and son enjoys.  Yep! The time has come, and we have become the father’s and the generation continues with our son and daughters freaking out and getting on to us to procure the hybrid theory in form the technology & gadgets.

There has been some messages that has been prevailing around for fun “iPod, iPad and the father says iPaid” seems to be a good comic, but this has got the real meaning behind turning back to our old days, when technology was not much exposed, but the real entertainment of fun and games, that made our minds active to explore the world around. Millions of data let it be a theory, a real life scenario, addresses and even the phone numbers, everything stored in the human hard discs, but now, go ask for a phone number of friends, the technical external hard discs works, but not as fast as that of the human hard discs, I mean to say the fat with multiple folding known to be the human brains.  By now, try remembering a few mobile numbers of your friends, check if you can have at least three mobile or telephone numbers of your friends, if you can’t remember, that means seriously there should be a fault in our brains. Yes, that the humanly technical fault, which is because we have got the addiction to technology.

Addiction to technology, yes off course, a simple calculation, how many of us calculate using our brain rather than using a calculator, none of us, except the math teacher in schools. Where are we heading too, what would be situation of the next generation?  The other day I asked one of the Grade 10 student,  about a specific thing related to the subjects, the answer was very very quick and simple, Google it.  I look at her for a while, and said, I can google it, but wanted to know from you what is that you read about it. Again probably gimme sometime, I would go read it in wiki and tell you.  A second thought came to me,  might be it’s the availability of information via technologies has limited the  human minds from remember things nor the human hard discs are getting formatted after each stage, which is true. Where are we! Sad but true, finally, you would reached this insane article by searching metamorphosis of Human Hard Disks and Tech Gadgets some way or the other by searching something over the web. Still, what the step you are going to take to make the human hard discs function better than before. Are we planning to work towards the functionality of human hard discs, instead of depending on the metallic gadgets? Well, I leave it up to you.

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