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Quick ways to make money online using internet

Tips to Make Money OnlineNothing is free in this world, everything costs a minimum penny.  Thanks to the internet for facilitating to earn some extra income using the web.  Before you could proceed reading ahead, just ask and answer the questions yourself – 1. “Am I ready to make a minimal investment”, and  2. “am I ready to spend at least an hour to make an extra income.” If yes, then proceed further.

  • The first and foremost required is either a blog, or a website.  So buy a domain name or create a blog in wordpress or blogger.
  • Choose a right keyword centric domain name, which would help you in getting ranked for that keyword bit quickly and easily.
  • Start writing content by your own, of certain topics which would interest the readers. Original content always has its own value in the search engines.
  • Include appropriate keywords in your content, so you can target quality website traffic to your website or blog.
  • Importantly – to start earning money in internet, you need to have proper website or blog, with a aim to generate quality traffic with original content.

Quick Tip: Buy keyword centric domains like buyinternetsecuritysoftware.com or carspreused.com or leaserentacar.com or any other good domains that fits to your writing experience. Or else start your own affiliate model shopping portal, by signing up with affiliate networks.

  • After registering a domain sign-up with Google Adsense, and insert their advertisements in your content area
  • Start signing-up with affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Linkshare, Shareasale etc. and post those banners in the content.
  • Do not club your website totally with advertisements and it may deviate the users from reading.
  • Anything you post in your website, post it in social media websites like facebook, twitter etc. to acquire more number of website visitors.
  • Make an interactive website, in which you can communicate with your website visitors in the form of comments, so the chances of revisiting the website would be high.

Apart from this there are other ways of making money online, by signing up in freelance project websites like Odesk, where you can find out freelance projects. Also you can take some survey’s online where you would get paid per survey taken.

If your website is performing well, you would be approached by companies to give a adspace for their product or services for which you can charge accordingly.  As a suggestion, always sign-up with affiliates who will pay you good amount of commission, such as webhosting pad.

Other alternates would be

  • Selling stuffs in eBay
  • Designing your own T-shirts and selling them online
  • Freelance projects
  • Buying a good domain name and selling them at higher cost, generally known as domain name flipping
  • Selling handmade goods online.

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