Google introduces Search Tool to Filter Reusable Images in the Web Image Search

Are you in a dilemma whether to choose & use the images that are displayed in Google Image Search? Now get rid of that worry. Google has introduced a enhanced search tool which would help you to filter and use the images as below.

  • Go to
  • In address bar type the image you want to search. For example: Travel
  • Click “Images
  • In the right corner click “Search Tool”
  • Under the “Usage Rights” you would find the below option displayed.

Google image search filter:

Google Image Search Copyrigh Free Images

You may also choose the images based on size, color, type & time.

Hope now you be relieved & worry-free about copyright violations.

Similarly for Google Web Search, with search tools you may filter the results based on a 24 hours to get the recent and fresh articles. No more time wasting on reading age old articles, which may be irrelevant to us after spending such a huge time.

Google web search filter:

Google Web Search Filter

Google blog search filter:

Google Blog Search Filter Usage

Thanks to Google for its brilliant search technology.


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