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Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health, Who Listens?

Image for Illustration Purpose Only.

Image for Illustration Purpose Only.

Good or bad, people are not ready to listen to it. Sad but true! Recently happen to meet a person, who smokes 12 cigarettes a day. Asked him, 12 cigarettes is too much for a day, the answer was simple, if he does not hold a cigar in his hands every one hour, he feels something is missing in his life.   And then I was wondering on a average he is smoking every one hour he is awake.  Thank god, he sleeps 9 – 10 hours a day, and remains 2 – 3 hours; he drives in busy traffic, nor spends time for food, and other activities.

Just advised him, you know “Smoking is Injurious to Health, causes cancer, and more over you are spending so much per day, just to make the ash of the tobacco and let the smoke disappear in the air ;) “.   The answer given was pretty good for that. So many people around the world, whenever take a cigarette packet in the hand,  minimum of 50% of smokers,  takes the cigarettes out the cigar box and then keep the cigar in their mouth, lit’s the cigar, and before keep the cigar box in the pocket, read the warning message which states “Cigarette Smoking is Injurious to Health”.  After reading only they keep the box in the pocket.  I had no answers, expect to say Oh! That’s great information for me, which I meant indirectly stating, after reading also, they are not going to throw the cigar and walk off, then it’s like wasting my energy advising.

Later, the person himself said, his girl friend told, cigar looks like a flute in his hand, and then she said it’s looking stylish, whenever he smokes #$*$()!!!!.  And later one day she said him to quit cigarette smoking, and he too decided to quit. So dropped off slowly, per day smoking 5 and then came to 2 per day. It was amazing.  And in the later days, to kill the boredom, he said, will have one more extra and the 2 became 3, and now that 3 again is back to the normal figure of 12.   So one thing I understood, cigars can be quit only if there is no availability of it around the world. And on the other way, I am sure, people being addicted, will buy tobacco and manufacture by their own and moreover illegal trade of cigars will start. So finally gave up thinking “No one in this World is ready to hear the free advice when it comes to cigarette smoking”.

The article might be looking funny, but still it’s the fact. The people reading this would have surely have faced any such incidents during their smoking tenure ;).  We should definitely agree to the Girl friend point in fact, we see them in the sexy cigar advertisements.

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