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How ‘A Car’ becomes a Potential Lover

In today’s competitive world, the people wanted to flee from one place to another at the shortest time possible.  They prefer to fly, rather than using a road or rail transportation, wanted to use a motor cycle instead of a bicycle to cover a shorter distance, wanted to use a car for a distance rather than using the public transportation.


Car, Motor Cycle & Bicycle

So transportation has become one of most essential and crucial part of life. Some even treat the cars or motor cycles more like a wife, not allowing anybody to touch, LOL! This is the real fact!  Most of you who read this might feel more affectionate towards your car. Don’t you?


Hugging a Car

Love extended toward cars is far more beyond than the flights, trucks or buses

Some people have a deep love with their car or some presume that their vehicle is lucky. It’s doesn’t mean they are good drivers, but they are good care takers and nevertheless they don’t allow any incompetent fingers to touch. There are few people in the world who are very crazy towards their car and even do the service of the car by their own, don’t want it to be given to a service centre. For such kind of people; the car seems to be wifey.


Man kissing his car

Know about the special characters

Like that of the “Special Characters” in a Computer / Laptop keyboard, there are few special unique characters in some part of the world, which shows their dedication towards the cars.

For some, they treat their cars like that of a Puzzle. They do something or the other in their car or bike engine to find out what makes things happen while driving. But sometimes, the puzzle becomes endless and finally they feel for it, still then they won’t be ready to rest until the puzzle is solved. Day & Night they dream about it, an idea clicks, you may see them sitting their tool kits next to motor cycle or underneath the car.


Car Puzzle

For some, they wanted their cars & motor cycles to be a hero as they are. Here this character of the people, we term as “Show-Off”.  Generally they care too much for their car or motor cycle to impress a girl and have them as a pillion or seated next to them.  But after a break-up with the Girl-friend, they realize it’s time to makeover their long-lasting real iron lover to pick-up the next new GF.

Proposing Love with his car

For some, it’s a prestige. Might be you might have seen people having a very old classic car. They do spend a lot to buy one, if something is available for sale.  The young generation terms them as “Ancient Old Man”, but for people who know the taste of old flavors, terms them as “Classic Car Lovers”.

Classic Car Lovers

For some, it’s a delicate sport.  Have you ever met a person who has lots of love but often quarrels? These delicate characters get ready make their car look cool and amazing and finally play the game hitting each other cars to cause the highest volume of damage. Again as the game gets over, they do fix it again for the next delicacy.  As the final destination approaches, they divorce and go with new one and start a new quarrel.

Sports Car

For many, it’s the best companion.  Feeling bored, or lonely, they go, take their car or motor cycle drive a long way, sit, relax and come back with a great feeling of accomplishment.  So most of us fall in this type of category. Don’t we?

Leisure Drive


For some, it’s a member of their family. You could have seen people planning frequently for a family trip or vacation. The entire family prefers to go by their own car. The day comes, they wanted to sell, and the talks happen, why to sell, let’s have it. These family oriented have the car in their home stay idle; at the same time include a new family member (a new car). For who gave out, it remains in the history and they talk about it.


Happy Family

For some, it’s style.  You may have seen some people, they somehow try to afford for a luxury car, to travel in style. For them it’s not a prestige or richness, it’s just the fashion and style.

Rock Star Style

For some, it’s a dream.  From the childhood, we grow, yes we need to own a car and work towards it. But as we grow, the competition, model, price also grows. Still, the dream doesn’t stop, somehow we choose to buy one and pursue the dream, which leads to the love towards the car purchased with such hard-earned money. It would give the feel of such a great achievement and confidence to work towards the next dream.

Dream for a Car
The author of this article is Yuvaraj, a creative blogger working in a leading travel aggregator known as Travoline, which provides cheap hotels,  cheap car rentals, and flight booking services worldwide.

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