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Apple unveiling its new version of iPhone at affordable rates!

The technology leader, and the coolest gadget manufacturer, Apple, has set to release its new phone “iPhone 5C” by coming Tuesday to reach out the developing countries and the slow emerging markets. The phone would be available in India and China Markets in the next couple of weeks.

It’s believed to be a yet another innovation by Apple to prove its innovative stuff in the iPhone 5C, which would operate using the iOS 7.

So the mobile application development companies in India can now start developing their applications for iOS 7, as Apple’s iPhone has got its flavour and welcomed with colored eyes by the consumers in India. In the coming day, businesses must have their mobile application framed for both android and iOS 7 Markets. Though already iOS is used most in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada, still India being a developing country, and moving towards technology oriented growth, the availability of genuine top branded products at affordable cost would prompt users to switch to genuine products. In a way, now Apple new version of iPhone would be a great success in India.

Don’t wait,  get ready to develop your mobile apps for iOS as well. Also don’t forget to email your friends regarding the new Apple iPhone 5C.

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