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A Social Plea from Kids for Kids International

Kid for Kids International (KFK) a social organisation based in Chennai, India, founded by a group of enthusiastic kids, with an objective to provide disadvantaged children a normal life,  so they don’t feel they are left behind. Kids for Kids, offers disadvantaged children with their basic need in life, such as education (the most precious ones), text books, school uniforms, stationeries, toys and any other daily necessities.

Help us to implant the education for the contributor’s of tomorrow’s society.

Educate Children

No worries, Your contribution reaches the needy child: A set of individuals would pre-determine the status of such disadvantaged children, and would pick them to provide with the basic necessity of education, that would be useful for their lifetime.  This initiative will ensure that the children from poor background will get benefitted and would help them to get the basics necessity and ensure they get a quality education.

A small contribution can change lives : The Kids for Kids International would make its sustainable success and would like to expand its horizons across. A minimum contribution of Rs. 1000 ($20) would help organise a child with educational expenses, snacks, teachers salary etc for a month. The KFK appeals the kind-hearted / corporate to contact KFK Footprint Center:  Nitin Zac at nithinzackoshy@gmail.com  over the mobile at +91 87545 05113.

More details visit www.kfkinternational.org

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