Social Media in Today’s World

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with social media from the days of Orkut to now Facebook. I always had a mixed feeling on the growth of technology and social media. And what I thought has come true – Yeah think yourself on what Social Media is in Today’s world and find social media and its impact.

That was then we spent time speaking in real with friends and family. Now even a birthday wish, we don’t meet or call them over phone. We just post them in the facebook page “Happy Birthday”, but does that really give an human touch. Absolutely No!

Social Media SmartphoneNow, social media has become a staple part of our everyday lives. Not only do I still share photos of my current life with my old college friends, but my grandparents, parents, relatives and friends see them as well. I get lot of friend requests from known and unknown, friends friend and more. If I’m not careful, social media is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing I look at before I go to sleep. This I am getting habituated, which I have admit is not the right thing to do.

I have to admit, there are major benefits to social media. In an age where many people live far away from friends and family, social media enables us to stay connected, feel a part of each other’s lives, and communicate easily. I’ve stayed in touch with friends I’ve met traveling around the world, who in past generations I would have lost track of long ago. I can easily find out about current events, read the news, or simply take a moment to laugh at some ridiculous cat video in the middle of a stressful workday.

And yet I hate social media at the same time. I’ve often fallen into its traps, comparing my seemingly mundane life with the highlight reel of others. I’ve felt left out when I see friends are hanging out without me. When they comment on other people’s posts and not mine.

I often ask myself do the benefits of social media outweigh the emotional consequences?

Check out this video about Social Media by Dr. Cal Newport in TEDX

And how is social media changing the reality of our relationships? The friendships of social media are increasingly replacing live interactions, as people can feel a sense of connection without leaving the comforts of their own home and often we are actually “alone in a crowd” using our smartphones in the midst of parties and other social gatherings. In many ways, social media has lead us to be less social all together. In fact, I was driving with my family and stopped in a signal. I saw a longtime friend of mine, who I have met around 7 years back. She was in her scooter and standing next to my car. She saw me and I too did, but we both had the same thought, is that she and is that he. So once I reached home, I pinged her and hey are you here in my location, to my surprise it was she. But unfortunately, we both saw each other but did not realize we knew each other. We had lot of chat online and finally lost when it came to recognition in real. This raised a question, where are we heading too? Tomorrow this will happen to our family members, brother, sister and cousin. So I felt, we got to meet. We were near, but very far via social media. This is how the life spins.

But the reality is, social media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. I think it’s here to stay— growing and morphing as new apps and platforms are developed and we struggle to keep up. Facebook, whatsapp, imo and so many apps are now there, but we are becoming more technology savvy than that of real.

Despite my frustrations, I’ve never gone on any kind of social media rebellion where I post a status about deleting my account, instructing my friends to pick up the phone and call me if they want to know what’s going on in my life. Instead, I strive to monitor my own actions and emotions in spite of social media, not without it. Honestly, I always thought of deleting my facebook account but never did. The time I go there, I feel, anyways it going to be difficult to meet people in person, we can be more connected online.

I am came to a conclusion, that any friends who are near me, I am going to meet them in person and for a birthday, inspite of posting in their wall, I will give them a call and wish them “Happy Birthday”.

So understand the real impact of social media and its effects on society be it politics, society, personal relationship and more.This will ensure where to draw the line for social media, so you can get happy with technology and not get obsessed with it. Be Ready for the Change.

The Paradox of Choice and The Choice to Change

Change seems to be the only constant in life. The famous quote says “There is nothing permanent except change”.

It’s unavoidable, risky, and at most times necessary. Once you feel like you’ve arrived thinking, “This is it! This is what life should be!” something inevitably changes. The reality is, change will always happen — good or bad — because it’s a normal and natural part of the life cycle.

Choice to Change

Change is part of transformation, and transformation is a necessary part of life: “If we’re not growing, we’re dying” and “If you want to feel alive, really alive, then you must grow.” Change allows us to develop emotionally, socially, and even spiritually in ways we never could without it.

Psychologist Barry Schwartz has been studying “choice overload” and how it affects our perception of happiness and satisfaction in our everyday life. He surmises that too many options in our everyday life — whether it’s consumer products, choosing a location, a house, job opportunities, or which party to attend on a Friday night — creates unrealistic expectations that often leave us feeling unsatisfied. His advice is to settle for good enough to be happier.

Its worth watching this video – The paradox of choice | Barry Schwartz

I know that Schwartz’s hypothesis is backed by the type of scientific research that I neither fully understand nor have the time to contradict. However, I disagree with his basic assumption because he doesn’t account for choice related to personal transformation that can morph our perceptions and expectations of every day life. What may have felt unattainable, unrealistic, or impossible yesterday may be not only realistic today, but even easy.

Choices in life give us the powerful opportunity to embrace something different than our status quo — they give us the opportunity to grow. Without different options, we would not understand our ability to choose change and therefore wouldn’t.

Some sense of stability in life is healthy, whether its familial relationships, a sense of community, or simply a place called home. But even when those seemingly stable aspects of life morph into something new — either by necessity, fallout or uncontrollable circumstances. It can actually become much easier to embrace change than to try and hold on to the familiar that no longer exists. It may be difficult, and unpleasant, and even painful at first, but change eventually brings about something good in our lives.

Now you can see, so many women are successful, who once were told, they can’t.  The real reason for their success is the confidence to overcome challenges against the societies taboo and willingness to choose their choice of change. Check out this speech about Women Empowerment.

With this perspective and when given the opportunity, I strive to choose change. Even when it’s uncomfortable. Even when it’s painful. For change is the only way to truly grow.

Is it okay to do mistakes?

Absolutely YES! if its done unknowingly.  But it’s not okay if you do mistakes knowingly. Doing mistakes unknowingly, in spite of it creating an bad impact, still teaches you lot of life lessons, which will make you grow as better person. The next time, you come across an similar incident, you will know to defend yourself or to make sure its getting done in the right way. Also its help’s you to analyse and understand the reality of life and ensures you  get the knowledge to show the right way to an other person, who is going to face a similar situation.

Is it okay to make mistakes

Now, may be your question is right, Will someone intentionally commit a mistake? Yes, they do. Let’s take a example of a thief, everybody know’s stealing is wrong. Even the thief know’s this. If you go and ask a thief, Is stealing good? his reply would be, Yeah I know its bad, but still I am stealing because…. and he continues saying some reason.

So, now its not  just the thief,  we human’s make so many mistakes knowingly.  For instance, we instead of going and taking a ‘U’ turn which is few kilometers away,  easily, we take the right turn or a left turn which is close-by in 100 or 200 meters driving in the wrong side.  We know driving in the wrong side is a mistake and against the rules, but still we do commit that mistake.  When someone asks why are you driving in the wrong side? our answer is very simple,  “All I know, you mind your business”.  During this time, you mind says that its just a small mistake, unless and until something big occurs because of this small mistake. That time you will think,  I could have driven a kilometer to take a U turn, which would have prevented this accident. But an incident occurred because of a known mistake  remains a crime.

To be a good human, better stop evaluating the mistake whether its small or big. If you have committed a mistake agree to it and it end’s there. The time you wanted to hide the mistake, you would start  with just one lie, which will again pile up more and you will lose your happiness. It’s also important that when you commit a mistake unknowingly, then don’t repeat it. That would make your life happy and better.